Craft Bundle

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This craft bundle is great especially over the holidays for your children as it can all be designed in your child's unique way whether that be with colouring pens, glitter or sequins.

The bundle features:

Dreamcatcher which comes supplied with 3m of wool and features 3 hanging leaves.

2 wooden heart photo frames supplied with string for hanging up.

2 Keyrings of your choice chosen from the drop down menus above these are either Football, Seahorse, Shell or Dinosaur.

Wooden wind chime again with a choice of design either a Watering Can or Flower.

1 Acrylic coaster supplied with a piece of cream card.


All of the wooden pieces are made from 4mm MDF ready to be decorated.

The approximate measurements are as follows:

Dreamcatcher 20cm diameter each Leaf 6.5 x 3cm

Watering Can windchime 9 x 6.5cm (Excludes the chimes)

Flower windchime 9 x 4.5cm (Excludes the chimes)

Heart photo frame 10 x 10cm (Excludes string)

Shell keyring 5.5 x 5 (Excludes keyring chain)

Seahorse 5 x 3cm (Excludes keyring chain)

Football 5 x 5cm (Excludes keyring chain)

Dinosaur 6 x 4cm (Excludes keyring chain)


The acrylic coaster is 8 x 8cm