Personalised Christmas Eve Box Style 2 XX-Large

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Personalised Christmas eve box.

This box Features 5 Christmas hanging pictures at the top of the box these are:

Santa Hat

Candy Cane


Christmas Tree

Ear Muffs

The wording on the bottom is fixed text and reads: Christmas Eve Box

There is also a Sleigh underneath the wording

This box measures approximately 32 x 32 x 12cm and features a clasp on the front.

Please note that due to the natural nature of the wood used to create these boxes the grain may differ from each one.


Please note: The picture is of our smaller box so the engraved picture will be positioned slightly different from the image shown as it won’t cover the full box and there will be a gap between engraving and sides of box.


Please note: Unfortunately for these to be sent to USA we will require you to contact us first and any orders placed for these prior to arrangement will have to be cancelled.